Gavin Yamey

Gavin Yamey is the Center’s Founder and Director. He is a Professor of the Practice of Global Health and Public Policy at the Duke Global Health Institute and the Sanford School of Public Policy.

Osondu Ogbuoji is the Deputy Director and Research Lead at the Center. He is also a Research Scholar at the DGHI. Osondu focuses on the transition financing work undertaken at the Center.

Wenhui Mao is a Senior Policy Associate at the Center. She focuses on health financing and health policies, and their impact on global health, access to health services, financial protection and equity of health services.

Ipchita Bharali is a Policy Associate at the Center. She focuses on domestic resource mobilization, public financial management of health, and impact of aid transitions on the health sector.

Jane Claire Anderson

Jane Claire Anderson is a Program Coordinator at the Center. Jane Claire focuses on administration and operation duties both at the Center and on the Center’s projects.


Armand Zimmerman is the Research Program Leader at the Center. Armand focuses on the development of discrete-event simulations to support research into global financing mechanisms for health products that address poverty-related and neglected diseases. He also supports quantitative investigations seeking to address how changes in access to health services alter societal trust in government institutions across conflict-affected regions.

Omar Karlsson

Omar Karlsson is a visiting research fellow at DGHI and Duke Population Research Institute and a postdoctoral fellow at the Centre for Economic demography at Lund University in Sweden.

Ayodamope Fawole

Damope Fawole is an associate in research at the Center. He leads projects focused on quantitative health impact assessments and health policy. He joined the Center after earning a master’s in global health from the Duke Global Health Institute

Winifred Edom headshot

Winifred Edom is a Research Assistant at the Center. She is driven by a passion for equitable healthcare access, particularly evident in the projects she has supported at the center. She conducts literature reviews and analyzes qualitative data to inform policy decisions, striving to enrich the discourse and create impact on healthcare financing and accessibility. Her unwavering dedication underscores her aspiration to make tangible contributions to improving healthcare systems worldwide. She also holds a master’s in Global Health from Duke Global Health Institute.

Kiara Ekeigwe

Kiara Ekeigwe is a Research Assistant at the center. She is currently pursuing her Master of Science in Global Health degree at the Duke Global Health Institute and is passionate about increasing access to quality health products and services. Kiara dedicates her work to making healthcare more equitable and accessible.