Analysis of the health product pipeline for the poverty related neglected diseases using the Portfolio-to-Impact (P2I) R&D modelling tool

In 2018, a research team from Duke University and Policy Cures Research, in collaboration with TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, published the first analysis of the pipeline of products for poverty-related neglected tropical diseases (PRNTDs) using a financial modelling tool called Portfolio-to-Impact (P2I). The analysis summarized the pipeline of candidate products for PRNTDs and estimated (a) the costs to move these candidates through the pipeline, (b) the likely launches, and (c) the additional costs to launch critical “missing” products.

In partnership with Policy Cures Research, the Center is now conducting a new study over a one-year time period that aims to:

  1. update the analysis to 2019;  
  2. potentially make improvements to the P2I tool by incorporating new data on the underlying model assumptions;
  3. provide a comprehensive, up-to-date analysis of the critical gaps in the product pipeline for PRNTDs and the estimated health impact of closing these gaps;  
  4. integrate findings on product gaps with the new TDR Product Profile Directory; and  
  5. point to the most promising ways in which the pipeline can be better managed to accelerate the development/deployment of critically needed health technologies for PRNTDs.

Shashika Bandara, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health
Alex Gunn, Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy
Gavin Yamey, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health

Dr. Nick Chapman, Policy Cures Research
Anna Doubell, Policy Cures Research
Dr. Vipul Chowdhary, Policy Cures Research
Dr. George Rugarabamu, Policy Cures Research


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