Analysis of the European Vaccine Initiative’s product portfolio using the Portfolio-to-Impact (P2I) Modelling Tool

The Portfolio-To-Impact (P2I) model is a recently developed product portfolio tool that enables users to estimate the funding needs to move a portfolio of candidate health products such as vaccines and drugs along the product development path from late stage preclinical to phase III clinical trials, as well as potential product launches over time. In this project, we are partnering with the European Vaccine Initiative to use the P2I tool to analyze EVI’s portfolio, which includes vaccine candidates for various diseases of poverty and emerging infectious diseases at different stages of development.

Shashika Bandara, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health
Alex Gunn, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health
Gavin Yamey, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health


This work is funded by the World Health Organization Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR).

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