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Innovative Ways to Close Critical Health Financing Gaps
This project examines ways to close three gaps that pose major challenges to global health improvement: the under-funding of global public goods, a health financing gap in middle-income countries, and a gap in the provision of domestic resources for health in low- and middle-income countries.

Strengthening the United States Government’s Role in Research and Development for Global Health

The Center conducted a study commissioned by the Global Health Technologies Coalition in collaboration with the Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy to understand the U.S. government’s role in global health research and development. The report on the findings of the project can be found here.

Developing evidence-based policy options to support China’s achievement of the health SDGs

Gavin Yamey is a co-investigator on this DGHI project, led by Professor Shenglan Tang. The project aims to generate evidence-based approaches and offer policy options that can be used by the Chinese government to develop and implement effective health policies and achieve health equity throughout China.

Accountable health financing solutions in sub-Saharan Africa

Gavin Yamey is collaborating with Duke’s Innovations in Healthcare on this project; working with regional bodies and country-level multi-stakeholder platforms, the project aims to share knowledge, strengthen accountability, and promote health financing policies and processes that advance universal health coverage.

Disease Control Priorities, 3rd Edition (DCP3)

The Center’s director, Gavin Yamey, is a co-author on two upcoming chapters of the third edition of the Disease Control Priorities Project (DCP3).  These chapters are focused on (i) identifying the highest priority inter-sectoral interventions to improve health, and (ii) developing an “essential” list of interventions to be included in universal health coverage packages.

Investing in Health: The Economic Case

Gavin Yamey, along with his co-authors Naomi Beyeler, Hester Wadge, and Dean Jamison, authored a new report “Investing in Health: The Economic Case” at the World Innovation Summit for Health on 30th November, 2016. The report summarizes the evidence on the impressive returns to investing in health and makes a strong case for governments and donors to invest in cost-effective interventions.

Recent Publications by Center Authors

How to convene an international health or development commission: ten key steps
Authors: Gavin Yamey, Lawrence H. Summers, Dean T Jamison, and Jessica Brinton | Citation: Health Policy and Planning, 2018, 1–7; doi: 10.1093/heapol/czx179

Intersectoral Policy Priorities for Health
Authors: David A. Watkins, Rachel Nugent, Helen Saxenian, Gavin Yamey, Kristen Danforth, Eduardo González-Pier, Charles N. Mock, Prabhat Jha, Ala Alwan, and Dean T. Jamison | Citation: Disease Control Priorities, Third Edition : Volume 9. Improving Health and Reducing Poverty. Washington, DC: World Bank DOI: 10.1596/978-1-4648-0527-1

A framework for stimulating economic investments to prevent emerging diseases
Authors: Daniel L Schar, Gavin Mark Yamey, Catherine C Machalaba, William B Karesh | Citation: Bulletin of the World Health Organization; Type: Perspectives; Article ID: BLT.17.199547

Strengthening Domestic Resource Mobilization: Moving from theory to practice in low-and middle-income countries
Authors: Raul Felix Junquera-Varela, Marijn Verhoeven, Gangadhar P. Shukla, Bernard Haven, Rajul Awasthi, and Blanca Moreno-Dodson | Citation: World Bank doi:10.1596/978-1-4648-1073-2

Financing of international collection action for epidemic and pandemic preparedness
Authors: Gavin Yamey, Marco Schäferhoff, Ole Kristian Aars, Barry Bloom, Dennis Carroll, Mukesh Chawla, Victor Dzau, Ricardo Echalar, Indermit Singh Gill, Tore Godal, Sanjeev Gupta, Dean Jamison, Patrick Kelley, Frederik Kristensen, Ceci Mundaca-Shah, Ben Oppenheim, Julie Pavlin, Rodrigo Salvado, Peter Sands, Rocio Schmunis, Agnes Soucat, Lawrence H Summers, Anas El Turabi, Ron Waldman, Ed Whiting | Citation: Lancet Global Health 2017;

International Collective Action for Epidemic and Pandemic Preparedness: An Economic Policy Brief for the G20 Health Working Group
Authors: Gavin Yamey, Marco Schäferhoff, Ruth Young, Nicolai Braun, Christina Figiel, Jessica Kraus, Sebastián Martinez, Ipchita Bharali, Naomi Beyeler, Sara Fewer, Sam Manning

Strengthening the United States Government’s Role in Product Development for Global Health
Authors: Gavin Yamey, Andrea Thoumi, Jonathan Gonzalez-Smith, Cynthia Binanay, Ipchita Bharali, Zeena Johar, David Ridley, Nick Chapman

Opinion: Why tax reform is a gateway to sustainable development
Author: Graham Glenday | Citation: Devex website; 29th October, 2016

Trends in State-Level Child Mortality, Maternal Mortality, And Fertility Rates in India
Authors: Vidit Munshi, Gavin Yamey and Stéphane Verguet | Citation: Health Affairs 2016; 35: 1759-1763

Next generation maternal health: external shocks and health-system innovations
Authors: Margaret E Kruk, Stephanie Kujawski, Cheryl A Moyer, Richard M Adanu, Kaosar Afsana, Jessica Cohen, Amanda Glassman, Alain Labrique, K Srinath Reddy, Gavin Yamey | Citation: Lancet 2016; 388: 2296–306

Mexico’s path towards the Sustainable Development Goal for health: an assessment of the feasibility of reducing premature mortality by 40% by 2030
Authors: Eduardo González-Pier, Mariana Barraza-Lloréns, Naomi Beyeler, Dean Jamison, Felicia Knaul, Rafael Lozano, Gavin Yamey, Jaime Sepúlveda | Citation: Lancet Global Health 2016, 4:e714-e725

Protecting human security: proposals for the G7 Ise-Shima Summit in Japan
Authors: Japan Global Health Working Group | Citation: Lancet 2016, 387:2155-62

How much donor financing for health is channelled to global versus country-specific aid functions?
Authors: Marco Schäferhoff, Sara Fewer, Jessica Kraus, Emil Richter, Lawrence H Summers, Jesper Sundewall, Gavin Yamey, Dean T Jamison | Citation:  Lancet 2015;386: 2436-2441

Global health 2035: a world converging within a generation
Authors: Dean T Jamison, Lawrence H Summers, George Alleyne, Kenneth J Arrow, Seth Berkley, Agnes Binagwaho, Flavia Bustreo, David Evans, Richard G A Feachem, Julio Frenk, Gargee Ghosh, Sue J Goldie, Yan Guo, Sanjeev Gupta, Richard Horton, Margaret E Kruk, Adel Mahmoud, Linah K Mohohlo, Mthuli Ncube, Ariel Pablos-Mendez, K Srinath Reddy, Helen Saxenian, Agnes Soucat, Karen H Ulltveit-Moe, Gavin Yamey | Citation:  Lancet 2013; 382: 1898–955