Our Mission

The Center for Policy Impact in Global Health, based at the Duke Global Health Institute, is an innovative policy lab that addresses critical challenges in financing and delivering global health.

Our analytic work and policy dialogue/engagement aims to address three important gaps in global health financing:

  • A gap in financing crucial but neglected “global functions” that benefit the poor
  • A “middle income gap” that can arise when countries graduate from development assistance for health­
  • A domestic health financing gap in low-income countries and middle-income countries.


Our Work
Our Publications

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Driving health progress during disease, demographic, domestic finance, and donor transitions (the “4Ds”)​
The "4Ds" that Threaten Middle-Income Countries M...
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Closing the domestic health financing gap in low- and middle-income countries
Enhancing domestic revenues: constraints and opportunities ...
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Donor transitions from HIV programs: What is the impact on vulnerable populations?
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Stories From Africa Seminar Series
Seminar One Brookings Blog: Is trade with India changing Africa’s health care landscape? S
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Policy Blog

How do global health academics “reach the people”?
October 16, 2019
Today, at the Triangle Global Health Consortium annual conference, our Center Director Gavin Yamey was a panelist on a panel called “Reach the People: How to Communicate Global Health Issues
Donor approaches to health aid transitions: Gavi and PEPFAR
September 23, 2019
Many former low-income countries are developing their economies and becoming capable of self financing their health systems. External donors are responding to this shift in varied ways: some...
Are the multilaterals ready to act on pandemic prevention and other global public goods?
September 19, 2019
This blog was first published in Brookings Future Development Blog. The authors, Kaci Kennedy McDade and Gavin Yamey have authored a working paper “Aligning multilateral support for global p