The global functions of health aid: quantifying and closing the financing gaps​

This project addresses ways to finance under-funded but crucial global public goods for health, such as developing new medicines and vaccines for poverty-related and neglected diseases, and other global functions of donor aid for health. Our research examines (a) how much funding is needed to adequately support such global functions, (b) innovative mechanisms to help close the financing gap, and (c) the institutional arrangements that are needed to move these financing solutions forward.

Kaci Kennedy McDade, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health
Gavin Yamey, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health
Alex Gunn, Duke Margolis Center for Health Policy
Ruth Young, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health
Tewodros Bekele, Center for Policy Impact in Global Health

McDade KK, Kraus J, Petitjean H, Schrade C, Fewer S, Beyeler N, Yamey G. Aligning multilateral support for global public goods for health under the Global Action Plan. Working Paper no. 15, September 2019. Available at:

Schäferhoff M, Fewer S, Kraus S,  Richter E, Summers LH, Sundewall J, Yamey G, Jamison DT. How much donor financing for health is channelled to global versus country-specific aid functions?

Policy Paper: Intensified multilateral cooperation on global public goods for health: three opportunities for collective action

Policy Brief: Intensified multilateral cooperation on global public goods for health: three opportunities for collective action

Funding innovation in neglected diseases
Authors: Gavin Yamey, Amie Batson, Peter H Kilmarx, Marcel Yotebieng

Financing of international collection action for epidemic and pandemic preparedness
Authors: Gavin Yamey, Marco Schäferhoff, Ole Kristian Aars, Barry Bloom, Dennis Carroll, Mukesh Chawla, Victor Dzau, Ricardo Echalar, Indermit Singh Gill, Tore Godal, Sanjeev Gupta, Dean Jamison, Patrick Kelley, Frederik Kristensen, Ceci Mundaca-Shah, Ben Oppenheim, Julie Pavlin, Rodrigo Salvado, Peter Sands, Rocio Schmunis, Agnes Soucat, Lawrence H Summers, Anas El Turabi, Ron Waldman, Ed Whiting

Developing new health technologies for neglected diseases: a pipeline portfolio review and cost model
Authors: Ruth Young, Tewodros Bekele, Alexander Gunn, Nick Chapman, Vipul Chowdhary, Kelsey Corrigan, Lindsay Dahora, Sebastián Martinez, Sallie Permar, Johan Persson, Bill Rodriguez, Marco Schäferhoff, Kevin Schulman, Tulika Singh, Robert F Terry, Gavin Yamey

Funding global health product R&D: the Portfolio-To-Impact Model (P2I), a new tool for modelling the impact of different research portfolios
Authors: Robert F Terry, Gavin Yamey, Ryoko Miyazaki-Krause, Alexander Gunn, John C. Reeder

International collective action for epidemic and pandemic preparedness: an economic policy brief for the G20 Health Working Group
Authors: Gavin Yamey, Marco Schäferhoff, Ruth Young, Nicolai Braun, Christina Figiel, Jessica Kraus, Sebastián Martinez, Ipchita Bharali, Naomi Beyeler, Sara Fewer, and Sam Manning

Devex Op-Ed: Opinion: 3 ways to strengthen multilateral cooperation on global public goods’

Brookings Blog: We need a consensus on the definition of ‘global public goods for health’

Center for Policy Impact Blog: Click here to read more about the study on our center’s blog.

This focus area is part of a larger project, Designing innovative policy solutions to close global health financing gaps that was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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