About the Center

The Center for Policy Impact in Global Health is an innovative policy lab that addresses critical challenges in financing and delivering global health. It is housed at the Duke Global Health Institute at Duke University.

The Challenges

Our work links policy analysis with policy engagement to address critical challenges in the organization, financing, and delivery of global health.

Our research focuses particularly on:

  • The financing of global public goods for health, such as research and development for poverty-related and neglected diseases
  • The value of investing in health, including investments in health innovation
  • The four major health transitions that middle-income countries are navigating: shifts in diseases, demography, development assistance for health, and domestic health financing (the “4D’s” of global health transition).


Developing Solutions

To help mobilize and target financing to improve the health of the most vulnerable populations, the Center addresses these challenges through:

Policy analysis:  The Center’s multi-disciplinary research team and its international collaborators conduct a wide range of studies to better understand these challenges and to design, prototype and model solutions to help solve them.

Policy engagement: To maximize the relevance, impact, and sustainability of our work, we actively collaborate with global health thought leaders, health and financing experts, and in-country partners inside and outside government.

Our Funders

The Center and its Director have been funded by the University of Washington, the Global Health Technologies Coalition, the Qatar Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Duke Global Health Institute and a small family foundation that has requested anonymity.